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Galilean Home

We have started collecting for our trip to visit Galilean Home in Liberty, KY.  We have posted a list on both bulletin boards and put handouts by the bulletins.  The main hallway of the class room wing is our collection point.
Let's collect so much that we need a larger truck to get it down there!

Galilean Home Needs List and Donation

23 March 2014 The Normal Christian Life

Pastor continues his series in the book of Mark. We also the choir and congregational music back in. Join us as we worship!

Messiah in the Passover

Presented by Chosen People Ministries, this presentation is a powerful visual message of Israel's freedom from slavery in Egypt and of the freedom from the bondage of sin by Christ's redeeming work. 

It will be at Grace Baptist Church, Ekron, KY on Sunday the 6th of April at 11:00.

Please feel free to join us and feel free to message us with any questions!

The Lure of Legalism

Pastor Dan is back and continuing the series of messages in Mark.  Sorry, the camera got started late and we didn't get the music.