Deacon Ordination

Last Sunday afternoon we ordained two men to the office of deacon!  
This is the video of the service, but it cuts out at the very end.  Sorry about that, but here is the bulk of the ordination service for Delbert Roby and Toni Frauli.

Video Sermons

If you missed us, here it is!

Not being ashamed of our Savior's Gospel is important!

January Newsletter

If you didn't get a copy Sunday, or want to share it with someone on your email, here is this month's newsletter for the church.

January Newsletter

Videos are back!!

Yes, if you miss a service, fret not!  You can still catch the sermon here:

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Happy New Year!

We're starting off the New Year right... with Prayer!

Join us this week for prayer for our country and our church!  This is going to be a blessed year.

Every day this week, 5-9 January at 10:00.

If you can't be there, take some time to join us in prayer wherever you are around 10:00.